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Prince – Extraloveable RE-EDIT

November 30, 2011

Extraloveable RE-EDIT by DJ Dave Paul. My first edit using Ableton Live. I looped part of the break to become the intro, took out the Andy Allo rap, put the original intro in that space, adjusted the tempo up to 118bpm and cleaned up the ending.

Who Comes Opening Night

November 28, 2011

“So who comes on opening night? No discounts, no reviews, no warning… The patrons come. For them, part of the attraction of art is that they don’t know in advance if they’re going to like it. They come for a simple reason: it feels good to support something because they can, not merely because it’s a good value. And the true fans come. They come because the artist has earned their trust. “If you made it, that’s good enough for me,” they say. They come because to not come is to not be a true fan, with all that entails.” – Seth Godin


November 24, 2011

I bet ya can call 911 in a hurray now, huh!

No Parking On The Dance Floor

November 23, 2011

We would like to thank everyone in that came to the 11/19/11 Oakland edition of The Prince and Michael Experience. Special thanx to Vitus and their entire staff, East Bay Loop and all the true funk soldiers. It was a pleasure to bring the party back to Oakland. You can view 100+ photos from the party. Also here’s a video clip from the highlight of the night. GiGi’s improv Glamorous Life solo.

Oakland, you’ve been waiting for this. The New Parish in Oakland is opening a new dj bar right next door called Rocksteady Cafe. We are excited to announce our monthly residency in the East Bay at Rocksteady Cafe. Every 3rd Saturday of the month beginning Saturday, December 17th. Bay Area folks are gonna get spoiled – every 1st Sat of the month at Madrone Art Bar in San Francisco and every 3rd Sat of the month at Rocksteady Cafe in Oakland. Have u had your + sign 2day? YES!

upcoming PR+MJ party dates:
Sat., Dec. 3rd @ Madrone Art Bar in San Francisco, CA
Fri., Dec. 9th @ Nectar Lounge in Seattle, WA
Fri., Dec. 16th @ Beauty Bar in Las Vegas, NV
Sat., Dec. 17th @ Rocksteady Cafe in Oakland, CA
Sat., Jan. 14th @ Beauty Bar in Chicago, IL
Fri., Feb. 10th @ Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, NY

The Prince and Michael Experience is meant to celebrate the music of two of the biggest pop cultural icons of our generation. It is done with love and mutual respect for both artists.

Our 80s Party – Biggest Attendance Yet!

November 23, 2011

Everyone must be trying to fit in as much partying as then can before they go home for the holidays, cause our 80s party on Friday in San Francisco was off the hook. Biggest attendance yet! You can view photos from the event here. That 80s Show happens every 3rd Friday of the month at Madrone Art Bar in San Francisco.

New album available today!

November 22, 2011

New album available from my record label Bomb Hip-Hop. DJ X-Rated presents Get Live Get Down. Available at iTunes and Amazon

Prince and MJ Radio Show

November 21, 2011

Check out episode #1 of my Prince and MJ radio show on In The Mix Radio. I didn’t talk on this episode but I will on the next one. I’m planning to do a new show every week. This episode features mainly unreleased tracks and remixes. Enjoy!


November 17, 2011

This whole Bieber thing, wow, records labels be coming up with some great stuff to sell music nowadays. His holiday album is gonna blow up like a pregnant girl. Funny how dj items are still at the very back pages of audio equipment catalogs. You darn well know hella people are buying way more dj supplies than some of the other stuff in there. Dear Rolling Stone, since there is a fragrance ad/sample in your mag I now have to throw the magazine in the recycling after flipping through it. Thanx. Hope Gucci paid ya big time. #stank

Major Record Labels, you should have took Best Buys offer to have all single disc cd’s listed at $9.99 retail for the holiday season. Hence the wholesale price they would have paid on sold units would have been $7.25. You’re lucky anyone wants to stock CD’s in this day and age. The record industry is toeless, cause everyone keeps shooting themselves in the foot. I still get annoyed with the whole Mickey Rourke “The Wrestler” press crap that went down. People acting like he hadn’t worked in a decade. Sin City, Domino, and at least a dozen more films. I’m starting a new craze called “blink.” What is it? A video clip that is about 5 seconds in length. Stay tuned for videos to come. Don’t blink, ya might miss it.

People crying that now we’ve gone from 4 major record labels to 3. Are you kidding? Major record labels haven’t been relevant in a decade. They’re just trying to hold on to the old ways while the rest of the world has moved forward. I can’t believe some of the dinosaurs that they still hire to run these companies. A$AP Rocky signed a $3 million dollar deal with Polo Grounds Music/RCA but still gets to release mix tapes independently via RED. Major labels be getting took – lol. Cheers!


November 15, 2011

I’m starting a new craze called “blink.” What is it? A video clip that is about 5 seconds in length. Don’t blink, ya might miss it.

Prince and MJ returns to Oakland

November 10, 2011

The Prince and Michael Experience returns to Oakland on Saturday, November 19th at Vitus in Jack London Square. 201 Broadway, 9pm, $5, 21+.