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Tonight, May 4th

May 4, 2013


Tonight, May 4th > Prince and Michael Jackson music all night long at Madrone Art Bar in San Francisco, 8pm, $5, 21+


In The Last Month

May 2, 2013


Sorry I haven’t posted on my blog lately. Here’s a recap compiled from my posts on FB: Last weekend. Girl comes up and says “what’s the next song?” I say “I don’t know yet.” “What do you mean?” she says. “I don’t plan my sets, while this song here is playing I’ll figure out the next song.” “Oh my gawd, that’s crazy” she replies. “I know huh!” Yes, I’ll say it > pre-recorded and pre-planned sets are for dj’s that suck or are too scared. The best quote from the party night in Detroit. During my last song a lady tells me “all the women in the bathroom are talking about how you didn’t play Head by Prince.” So that’s what y’all talk about in the ladies room? Gawt damn, it ain’t no joke trying to hail a taxi in Grand Rapids. Three hot dogs, 5 blocks and 30 minutes later final gawt one. Rumor has it, it’s illegal to flad a taxi in GR. Dear Chicago O’Hare airport. I have to say this every time. Turn the damn heat down. Guess they trying to sell drinks up in here. You could nominate “The Prince and Michael Experience” for #53, Best Event Producers and DJ Dave Paul for #5, DJ. I wouldn’t be mad 😉 I was only able to attend the Prince late show last Tues in SF cause Wed morning I had to fly to Michigan. But thanx to the internet I’m listening to the 4/24 late show right now 🙂 The Prince and Michael Experience. We’ve done buttons, pens, silicon wristbands, promo cd’s, faces on a stick, temporary tattoos, t-shirts, balloons, promo candy, poker chips and bookmarks… what’s next? Hehehe > just wait. The two people that say and said “Frisco” the best. Prince, and Coughnut from Ill Mannered Posse (r.i.p.). hank you Troy Gua for my three custom shirts. Now when I tour I can rock this on stage. Pop hybrids of PRN on the front and MJ on the back. My kicks are beat up but my t-shirts are fresh. It is officially the month of May! San Francisco, you don’t get one PR+MJ party this month… you get two. This Saturday, May 4th at Madrone Art Bar and also on Saturday, May 18th at the Red Devil Lounge. I don’t care who you are or how old you are, if you’re a disc jockey and all you can do is slam records and you can’t beat mix… you still ain’t sh*t. Look out, I just found my original working dvd copy of The Bomb Hip-Hop 2003 European Vacation Tour. Thank you Annette Suh, the second person that just purchased a set of PR+MJ poker chips. All proceeds will be donated to Autism Speaks. Purchased a Sodastream Genesis. Hoping carbonated water will help me get off of Coke (the soda). Note to self, screw bottle in before hitting the button – lol. At least it’s just water all over the place. The Guerrero vs Mayweather Jr. fight should be good, but I kinda wanna see the dads go at each other in the ring. $600 to see the Rolling Stones ($250 to sit all the way in the back) – oh lawd, AEG is gonna have to paper LA. And people were crying about $250 to see Prince in a small 1,000 capacity nightclub.