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Ama-scam and Flusher

May 30, 2008

When you’re on the Amazon music homepage and you see “What We’re Listening to”. That’s a bunch of crap. Records labels pay up to $15,000 in “co-ops” to get that and other spots on the site. Shouldn’t that section be called “What we get paid to list”? It’s not fair to call it what we’re listening to.

Just listened to the new Usher album. Yuck. What a bunch of crap.

Prince vs MJ – Bend, PDX and Seattle

May 27, 2008

PvsM parties

We would like to thank everyone in the Northwest who came out to our Prince vs Michael parties during Memorial Weekend.

CLICK HERE to view photos from the parties.

Thursday nights gig in Bend was a blast and it was nice to finally be back in Bend. After The Grove closed last year we were worried there wouldn’t be a good place to play in Bend but luckily The Summit opened and they are mad cool. The place is really nice. Thank you Rob and Liz.

Friday in Portland rocked. Special thanx to Phil, Anthony, Deacon, Julian and everyone at Berbati’s Pan.

Seattle was our last stop and as usual people came to party with us at Nectar. Thanx to Jed, Colin, Ken and the rest of the staff.

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Pet music album has arrived!

May 27, 2008

Stan Records and Bomb Hip-Hop Records present a fun pet music album. Songs Our Pets Taught Us by Heavy Petting Crew. Featuring the hits The Vet Tech Song, Pippen & Gremilio, Funky Bunnies, and many more.


Artist Name – Heavy Petting Crew
Album Name – Songs Our Pets Taught Us
UPC – 611933208328
Catalog Number – BHH2083
Release Date – June 17th, 2008

album track listing
01. The Vet Tech Song featuring Moo Von G & Churro Lita
02. Muted Calico featuring Churro Lita
03. My Best Friend featuring Churro Lita
04. Spay and Neuter featuring Moo Von G & Churro Lita
05. Ginger featuring Rock Machlockison & Churro Lita
06. I Love Goats featuring Mistress Blinja
07. Meatbar Stew featuring Moo Von G
08. Kibble featuring Mistress Blinja
09. The Funky Bunnies featuring Bro Derek
10. Sabrecat featuring Mistress Blinja
11. Pippin & Gremilio featuring Churro Lita
12. No Bad Pets featuring Churro Lita
13. Sam’s Song featuring Rock Machlockison
14. Funky Bunnies remix (remixed by Dave Paul)