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Photos from Hawaiian themed PR+MJ party

December 9, 2014

the Hawaiian theme edition of The Prince and Michael Experience was the bomb…


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see ALL the photos from Fri night

September 24, 2014


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30 Years Ago

September 13, 2014


Found a photo from my first dj gig in Sept 1984. McAteer gym. Pictured left to right: Chris Egert (in all black), Dave Paul (me, in all white), Scott Albert (the guy with a flashlight), Greg Estrada (behind Scott at the record crates), Scott Fong. This picture reminds me to always have a clean setup. What a mess – lol.


June 23, 2014


the look on my face when someone is handing me drinks… priceless

Photos from the Weekend

June 23, 2014


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thank you Chicago

May 24, 2014


Thank you Chicago. You Rock!

I’ll be back at Beauty Bar Chicago on July 19th.

Photos from the party HERE


April 20, 2014


This young woman in the wheelchair melted my heart in Bend. She probably danced the longest. She kinda had this shimmie Thriller dance style in her chair. When I played Thriller, she stood the f*ck up. Curtains!

Only as good as your last show

February 8, 2014


There’s a saying, “you’re only as good as your last show.” Well, in that case I’m doing alright

Gary Numan, PR+MJ, and luck

October 2, 2013


Gary Numan has a new album coming out on Oct 15th. The Prince and Michael Experience, October parties are as follows > Oct 5th at Madrone Art Bar in San Francisco, Oct 18th at Wilshire Restaurant in Santa Monica, Oct 19th at Beauty Bar in Chicago. dear Moo, those mini cards are never gonna catch on, just like the word “fetch” never did (Mean Girls). It’s not about luck. It’s about sacrifice, risk and failure that get you prepared for what is ahead. That way when an opportunity arises you are mentally ready and experienced. Playing it safe is being too scared to lose. If you don’t play the game, you can never win. “Faced with the opportunity to become the category of one, we almost always hesitate, almost always compromise, almost always dumb it down to play it a little bit safer. You may very well become a category of one in a market that’s devoid of customers. But you will never become a category of one if you run with the pack.” – Seth Godin

Mountains 7″ record

September 21, 2013


The latest addition to my collection. Prince, Mountains 7″ from Japan. Alexa De Paris on the b side.