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PvsM Coloring Sheet

August 25, 2010

Got kids, or just wanna have fun like a kid? Here’s a pdf download of our PvsM Coloring Sheet designed by our friend Tony.psd. Go crazy with some crayons, paint and pens and email or mail us your creations. Better yet, just drop them by one of our gigs.

this was brought to you by The Prince vs Michael Experience

now available – Lucid Music

August 15, 2010

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Lucid Music can best be described as “that old boom bap,” utilizing hip-hop’s bare essentials of microphones, turntables and records to create a new fresh sound. Consisting of two emcees and a deejay, the crew maintains the very vibe that caused most of us to fall in love with hip-hop in the first place. Adventures Of The Invisible Band is Lucid Music’s fourth independent release (distributed by legendary label Bomb Hip-Hop) and is a perfect example of the trio’s raw take on an art form besieged by masochistic lyrics, violent imagery and cookie cutter production. Lucid Music offers an alternative, incorporating fast paced drums and thoughtful rhymes over samples ranging from jazz to early 70’s rock. Lucid Music have toured throughout Chicago, Detroit, West Virginia and New York performing at venues such as Webster Hall and The Hard Rock Cafe. Uptempo profanity free rhymes mixed with technical displays of turntablism ensures audiences of all ages they’re in for a treat and a good time from a live performance.

photos from our 80s parties

August 9, 2010

Photos from the July 30th gig in Seattle and photos from the August 7th gig in San Francisco. That 80s Show returns to Seattle on September 18th at Nectar Lounge and on October 2nd in San Francisco at Madrone Art Bar.

photos from GIRLS RULE

August 2, 2010

We would like to thank everyone that attended the launch of our new party Girls Rule. To view photos from the 7/30/10 event click here. On Oct 29th we will deliver an encore presentation of our all “girl” set, spinning music only by female artists and bands fronted by women. Why? Cause dudes suck and girls rock! Start off your Halloween weekend by dressing as your favorite rock star and party with the girls. More info here.