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u down with LPP? yeah, u know me!

February 26, 2013


Manhattan and Washington DC

February 13, 2013


The Prince and Michael Experience from San Francisco.
Feb. 22nd @ Highline Ballroom – New York City, NY
Feb. 23rd @ Howard Theatre – Washington DC

This and That

February 9, 2013


The one phrase you’ll never hear spoken at a Prince and MJ party, “the freaks ain’t freakin’.” Remember Klipsh LaScalla speakers? Old school mobile dj’s know what I’m talking about. You know how they have that store Forever 21. They should make one for women fifty and older called Finally 21. Unlock a phone, you go to jail. Like, you wouldn’t steal music or download movies would you? “Marketing is the art of seeing (and then creating) what might be interesting to more than our friends. There’s a circle of friends in our lives that care a lot about what we care about. The rest of the world? They mostly don’t.” – Seth Godin. Am I the only one that caught the mistake/typo in the Billboard article on Prince? They wrote Andy Allo joined the NPG band in 2001. I think they meant to write 2011. I was just listening to a rap album that was so bad I had to put on some Britney Spears to wash my ears out. WTF?! Yes, it was THAT bad – lol. This is why Prince doesn’t talk to old folks. Fools at Midem think the music business can become a 100 billion dollar business by 2020. In 1999 it was at $36.7 billion and dropped to $23.3 billion by 2011. I guess you can say anything you want at a conference. Note to self when on the road. As soon as I walk into a nightclub I’m going to remember to locate all the exits and test them to make sure they aren’t locked. I’m not trying to get caught in a burning club. “Ain’t nobody gawt time fer dat!” I think of really cool ideas when I’m either in the shower, or drinking beer. I’m not in the shower. Pink’s Try and John Waite’s Missing You would prob makes for a good mashup. “Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said the USPS is currently losing $25 million per day” Sheeeet. Fire some of those slow ass tellers and sh!t will get on track. “Get the money/don’t leave anything behind/Just some pieces of your heart/and fragments of your mind.”- Jon Langford. Prince came raw. Releasing a song called “Breakfast Can Wait” on National Pancake Day. Dave’s DJ tip of the week: As soon as you start your night, 9pm or whenever that might be, you don’t have to blast the music at full volume. People want to get a drink, mingle and talk when they first come into a venue. Especially when it’s early in the evening. Raise the volume levels slowly as the space starts to fill up and people start dancing. If you don’t have money put in sweat equity. If you can’t do that, you’re better off with a 9 to 5. I hate when you fall asleep with the tv on and then in the middle of the night that damn “HELP, I’ve fallen” lady is screaming and it wakes you up thinking someone is calling for help. dear Bands, DJ’s, Producers and Rappers – sure it helps to have a good stage show but the bottom line is how many people come through the door. Please do your part to market & promote the event you’re playing at. Do not leave it all to the promoter/venue. Things really do go full circle. I finally listened to some trap music. We were doing that sh!t in the 80s. Best get ready for the next comeback – new jack swing – lol.