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Heavy Petting Crew gets ink in XLR8R Mag

August 16, 2008

“You cannot not love this record. With songs like the punky “I Love Goats” or the electro hip-hop of “Funky Bunnies (Remix),” this hot and mysterious trio (including a real-life vet technician!) sings about the animals they love in a fun and delightful manner of styles.”

Animals In Love. For more info click here.

Pet music album has arrived!

May 27, 2008

Stan Records and Bomb Hip-Hop Records present a fun pet music album. Songs Our Pets Taught Us by Heavy Petting Crew. Featuring the hits The Vet Tech Song, Pippen & Gremilio, Funky Bunnies, and many more.


Artist Name – Heavy Petting Crew
Album Name – Songs Our Pets Taught Us
UPC – 611933208328
Catalog Number – BHH2083
Release Date – June 17th, 2008

album track listing
01. The Vet Tech Song featuring Moo Von G & Churro Lita
02. Muted Calico featuring Churro Lita
03. My Best Friend featuring Churro Lita
04. Spay and Neuter featuring Moo Von G & Churro Lita
05. Ginger featuring Rock Machlockison & Churro Lita
06. I Love Goats featuring Mistress Blinja
07. Meatbar Stew featuring Moo Von G
08. Kibble featuring Mistress Blinja
09. The Funky Bunnies featuring Bro Derek
10. Sabrecat featuring Mistress Blinja
11. Pippin & Gremilio featuring Churro Lita
12. No Bad Pets featuring Churro Lita
13. Sam’s Song featuring Rock Machlockison
14. Funky Bunnies remix (remixed by Dave Paul)