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NOW (Gold Edit)

October 12, 2013


NOW (Gold Edit) is complete. I will debut it at the Chicago party next weekend… but you can listen to it NOW


The Doors, remixed for the dance floor

August 5, 2013


listen or download HERE

Limited Edition 7″ Record

December 30, 2011

Limited Edition 7” Record with remixes coming from PR+MJ. Pressed on clear polycarbonate vinyl. I should have the records in about a month. The record will feature the DJ T-Rock remixes for Prince’s Come On and Michael Jackson’s They Don’t Care About Us. Only 21 units will be manufactured, I’m sending T-Rock two and I’m keeping two. The remaining 17 numbered units will be available for sale for $17 each. If you want to reserve one let me know. Out of the 17 that will be for sale 12 are already reserved leaving 5. You can pick it up at one of the parties I’m dj’ing at for $17 cash. If you want it shipped you, with shipping & handling it is $21 total in the US and $26 total anywhere else in the world. Payment can be made via Paypal.

Prince – Extraloveable RE-EDIT

November 30, 2011

Extraloveable RE-EDIT by DJ Dave Paul. My first edit using Ableton Live. I looped part of the break to become the intro, took out the Andy Allo rap, put the original intro in that space, adjusted the tempo up to 118bpm and cleaned up the ending.

Remember Da Time (Adamatic remix)

March 3, 2011

To download a free 320kbps mp3 version of the remix go here.

The Ballad of D.P.

January 24, 2010

Sign of the Times is one of our favorite Prince albums. The fourth track on the album “The Ballad of Dorothy Parker” is a classic. Any Prince diehard fan can recite the lyrics. The song has always been a difficult one to slip in at gigs due to the slow tempo and we are always forced to play it very early in the night. We are very fortunate that DJ Design (Foreign Legion/Look) produced a special enhanced remix just for The Prince vs Michael Experience. At about 115 bpm this remix is perfect for dance floors everywhere. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

To download a free 320kbps mp3 version of the remix go here.