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photos from the PvsM 8 year Anniv

November 8, 2010

Click here to see the photos from the party.

We would like to thank all the Prince and Michael Jackson fanatics & true fans for all the support over these last 8 years. You all make the party what it is. We hope to see many of you in the near future. The music lives forever. Cheers!

my Prince collection

November 5, 2010

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Bomb Hip Hop Compilation 2

November 3, 2010

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If one was to trace the roots of Bay Area hip-hop the common thread would be David Paul’s legendary Bomb magazine. Over the last 19 years Bomb Hip-Hop’s influence and contribution to the promotion of the four elements of hip-hop (dj, mc, breaking, graffiti) is undeniable. Bomb has expanded since it’s humble beginnings in 1991 as a hip-hop publication to “one of the fifteen independent labels that matter” according to Rolling Stone magazine. In 1994 Bomb released their first album, Bomb Hip Hop Compilation. The album featured some of the best up and coming west coast artists at the time – Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf, Blackalicious, Mystik Journeymen (of Living Legends), Mad Child (of Swollen Members), Qbert and more. Peep the long awaited follow up, Bomb Hip Hop Compilation – Volume 2.

Artist : Various Artists
Title : Bomb Hip Hop Compilation – Volume 2
Label : Bomb Hip-Hop Records
Catalog Number : BHH2086
UPC : 611933208625

track listing
01. Official Knock – Million Bucks (Conceit & Boac)
02. Manners – Celsius 7
03. Disneyland – Rec-League All-Stars
04. Bananas – Eddie K
05. The Movement – V.E.R.A. Clique
06. Lobby Room – Kalri$$ian
07. I Chose Rap – Grip Grand
08. Piano Banger – Foreign Legion
09. Highly Doubted – Bash Bros. feat. DJ Icewater
10. All They Ever Know – Hiright
11. The Air We Breath – Gas Mask Colony
12. We Take It Back – The Shotgun Wedding Quintet
13. Swing (La Da Da) – The Instant Messengers
14. 1980 – Dirt Nasty

Rec-League All-Stars – Disneyland

The Instant Messengers – Swing (La Da Da)

Dirt Nasty – 1980
Music video features Mickey Avalon, Andre Legacy, Cisco Adler, Shwayze, DJ AM, Evidence, and ALF. Over 4 million views on youtube!