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sh*t I think of

September 25, 2013


Anyone claiming to be a diehard fan of a musical artist, better have most if not the entire discography of said artist in their collection. FB is rapidly becoming the land of fakes, flakes and liars. Just cause someone types it doesn’t mean it’s true. Don’t get pissy when someone pulls your card and hella fools making sh*t up on their LinkIn profiles too. How or why did Patron tequila get so popular? It’s not as good as Cazadores or 7 Leguas in my opinion. If I hear someone say “don’t even try it” I say out loud “Full Force don’t buy it” and then make the stab sounds with my mouth. I had a dream that Pretty Lights did a friend gig for me for $9k (no, I don’t know him). That was all he wanted and a dinner with baked oysters. What a funny dream. Rhino repressed 3,500 vinyl copies of Talking Heads Fear of Music and everyone acting like it’s the great comeback of vinyl records. I hope labels & retailers aren’t thinking this is gonna save the industry. 4.6 million albums a year is nice for vinyl sales but still just a drop in the bucket. How’s those payments working out for streams? I warned y’all. Listening to the Billboard Top 100 on Spotify and 80% of this music is really horrible. Super D bought Alliance – the music industry shrinks just a little bit more. Whenever I see Ken Howard in a movie I always start humming the theme music from White Shadow. “As some Roman General once said – when you seek peace, plan for war” – from the movie Layer Cake.

Mountains 7″ record

September 21, 2013


The latest addition to my collection. Prince, Mountains 7″ from Japan. Alexa De Paris on the b side.

29 Years of DJing

September 21, 2013


Then and Now… repping Prince since I first started deejaying in 1984.

Throughout my life, through the good and the bad – music has always been there for me. For this I am grateful. I was always shy around girls and I couldn’t dance – but when you start to dj some things change in your life. Well, not everything because I’m still shy around beautiful women and I still can’t dance – but I can play music like a mutha f*cka! DJing was a hobby that became a profession for me and this is not a career for the weak minded. There are no sick days, no paid vacation time, no steady paycheck every two weeks, no retirement plan. You hustle, or you don’t work. I would like to thank everyone that has helped me or inspired me over the years. I even want to thank the haters, because you made me stronger. I’ve seen peers drop out of djing for various reasons over the years, people that I admired and always wished would return to the field. But I understand why they left, it’s a grind and like the other three elements of hip-hop (rapping, graffiti, breaking) you’re always paying dues. Doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing it 10, 15, 20+ years… you always have to pay dues and it’s not easy. Are there things I wish I had done differently over the years – absolutely. Would I have still been a DJ – no doubt about it. I am me, and I am a DJ.

this is how they request a song in Seattle

September 21, 2013


More photos from the 9/13/13 party are here.

did your Money fall out of your Bra ?

September 21, 2013


Thank you Red Devil Lounge and the city of San Francisco. Lots of people came out for the Prince and MJ party on 9/14, including a few purple lifers. To the woman who thought it was gonna be a karaoke sing off… I have no idea how you came to that assumption. But that could be a fun night at a karaoke bar. Hmmmm. To the woman who made a song request for We Are Family after the night had ended. One, the party was over and two – Sister Sledge has nothing to do w Prince or Michael Jackson. Good song, wrong party. Best moment of the night: Bobby picks up some cash on the dance floor and hands it to the woman dancing next to it, she pulls out her blouse to check the money in her bra. Photos from the party are here.

Le Petit Dave Paul

September 21, 2013


LPT and LPDP hanging out. More can be viewed here.