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Part 2 of 8 – Prince and MJ Collection

November 30, 2012

Sorry for the glare, I’ll get the lighting better for part 3.

4 Events in SF in December

November 30, 2012


Bay Area, December is going to be a fun month as I have four San Francisco events that you can enjoy. Dec. 1st at Madrone Art Bar the monthly edition of The Prince and Michael Experience. On Dec. 7th at Red Devil Lounge I will present the holiday edition of Prince and MJ called “NOT Another Lonely Christmas.” My special guest dj for the night will be Miles Green. On Dec. 15th I will be back at Red Devil Lounge for Fascination, FREE admission so come on out and have fun. To round out the month on Dec. 21st at Madrone Art Bar my old time friend DJ Design will join me as we throw down 80s music all night long. Happy Holidays to all and I hope to see many of you in December.

Things Ya Need

November 30, 2012


Gruv Glide, Groovy Cleaner, Tuner Control, Monster Screenclean

Photos from CHICAGO

November 24, 2012

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Watch these dancers – this is IT

November 23, 2012

You’re A Rapper?

November 22, 2012

Oh, you’re a rapper? Sure, you can have my card.

This and That

November 17, 2012

Jerome Benton called me the other day to say hi 🙂 I have a new friend. When you’re stuck on a plane you have nothing else to do but think of silly stuff. Wish I had Photoshop loaded on this laptop. I would change the “like” button on facebook to “lick” and then write Deez Nuts before it – lol. Best request from Silent Disco last week. “Play something fast.” I was already at 132 bpm so I hit ’em with Maniac (as in Flashdance) and Devo’s Whip It. 158 bpm, hope that was fast enough. San Francisco, you’re in for a holiday treat. You get two editions of The Prince and Michael Experience in December. 12/1 at Madrone Art Bar and 12/7 at Red Devil Lounge. What better way to get ready for the holidays than seeing old friends, making new ones, and enjoying the music of Prince and Michael Jackson. First The Beatles, now Kid Rock and AC/DC. Come on Def Leppard, stop holding out on iTunes. Dear friends. If you do not have an emergency/survival kit you should make one or update the one you have. 3 days, ha! After New Orleans and New York y’all better make it so you and your family can last a week. Mother earth don’t play and you can’t count on the government or anyone else to be fast or efficent. Dear Walmart. It’s not the one day but the whole month that you have to worry about. If this was a race you would be the hare, not the turtle. Once everyone saw the mayhem people all said the same thing to me the last two days “We went to, or are going to Target.”

where to find me on the interweb

November 11, 2012

where to find me on the interweb:






more gems

November 11, 2012

Soul In The Hole soundtrack, Caught Up soundtrack, Car Wash soundtrack, In Yo Face The Roots of Funk

Also found some Sheila E. CDs in the garage. How did that happen? Knew I didn’t like those movers. No one puts baby in the corner, and no one puts Sheila in the garage.

Words & Music Reunion Show. The Time – Pandemonium promo CD

cleaning the garage has perks

November 11, 2012

So I’m going through a box labelled BHH in my garage. Old releases from my record label and come across these too goodies. The first cd Bomb Hip Hop Compilation and well as the limited edition Japanese version of Return of the DJ. Both still sealed!