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One of my favorite PRN albums

December 28, 2012

You had me at Linn Drum

This and That

December 18, 2012


Got my Sheila E. dvd in the mail. Oh yes! “There are no rules. Do it your way. Stumble upon new ideas, forge new pathways, there’s no right way, only your way.” – Bob Lefsetz. Dear Amazon, you need to work on your recommends. Showing me the items I already bought… pretty sure I’m not gonna buy them all again. After Kanye onder how many up and coming rappers are going out and buying dresses. When I deejay just call me Captain Marvel, cause so many people be Shazam’ing. Comic book nerds will get it. Thieves, liars and lazy people. In that order. Don’t care for any of them at all. Make that change. Rappers are safe for now, cause Comedians are in danger. “Beggars can’t be choosers. If you’d rather be a chooser, enter a market or a transaction where you have something to trade, something of value, something to offer that’s difficult to get everywhere else. If all you have is the desire to get picked, that’s not sufficient.” – Seth Godin. I’m so good at hating… I can hate on myself, and believe it! Yesterday someone asked me to name my favorite 3 Prince songs. I told them that would be impossible. Too many songs and my favorites are always rotating and changing along with my life. Then they asked me what my favorite 3 Michael Jackson songs were. My answer was the same. Listening to some remixes. Just cause you can doesn’t mean you should and if you do maybe it’s not for the public. Quality control please. If someones Facebook account has photos of everything but them… be careful. Don’t get Catfished. Do not talk to the dj when you see them using the crossfader. They are busy mixing two songs together. Thank you. Ever notice when you go to the doctor they either ask if you do or tell you to stop “smoking” and stop drinking “coffee.” $7 for a cup of coffee, damn the coffee industry got over on society for real. The Rolling Stones don’t mess around. ” Family or not, there aren’t any comp tickets on a Stones tour. Be it promoter, label, band member or sponsor, someone’s paying for every ticket in the manifest” – Billboard Mag. Nov 17th issue

This Fri 12/21 in SF – all 80s music

December 18, 2012

This Fri., Dec 21st yours truly DJ Dave Paul and my special guest DJ Design will break down the 80s and reconstruct the decade on the turntables at Madrone Art Bar in San Francisco. Join us for the “Do They Know It’s Christmas” edition of THAT 80s SHOW. More info here.

Photos from Red Devil Lounge

December 18, 2012

Click here to view photos from the 12/07/12 edition of The Prince and Michael Experience at Red Devil Lounge. The party will return to RRD on March 16th, 2013.

Dom Mazzetti vs Promoters

December 18, 2012

Upcoming Gigs

December 8, 2012

You can hear me dj at these events;
12/15 – Fascination @ Red Devil Lounge – San Francisco, CA
12/21 – That 80s Show @ Madrone Art Bar – San Francisco, CA
01/05 – Prince and MJ @ Madrone Art Bar – San Francisco, CA
01/12 – Prince and MJ at Bootie mashup @ DNA Lounge, SF, CA
01/18 – That 80s Show @ Madrone Art Bar – San Francisco, CA
01/19 – Prince and MJ @ Beauty Bar – Chicago, IL
02/02 – Prince and MJ @ Madrone Art Bar – San Francisco, CA
02/15 – That 80s Show @ Madrone Art Bar – San Francisco, CA
02/22 – Prince and MJ @ Highline Ballroom – New York City, NY
03/02 – Prince and MJ @ Madrone Art Bar – San Francisco, CA
03/08 – Prince and MJ @ Nectar Lounge – Seattle, WA
03/15 – That 80s Show @ Madrone Art Bar – San Francisco, CA
03/16 – Prince and MJ @ Red Devil Lounge – San Francisco, CA
04/06 – Prince and MJ @ Madrone Art Bar – San Francisco, CA
04/19 – That 80s Show @ Madrone Art Bar – San Francisco, CA
04/26 – Prince and MJ @ Saint Andrews Hall – Detroit MI
04/27 – Prince and MJ @ Intersection – Grand Rapids, MI

stay tuned, more dates to be announced

One Poster Isn’t Enough

December 4, 2012


Cause sometimes one poster just isn’t enough. This Friday 12/7 at Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco.

Photos from 12/1/12 in SF

December 3, 2012


I used to tell people if it rains in San Francisco your turnout for an event could be 1/3 less people. Prince and Michael Jackson fans proved me wrong on Saturday night at Madrone Art Bar. Nothing but a line of people down the block with their Umbrellas, ellas, ellas (ay ay ay). Happy birthdays shouts to Kim, Alex and Jessica. For those of you in the Bay that missed out on last night don’t worry, I have a double shot for you. The Prince and Michael Experience at Red Devil Lounge this Friday night 12/7. “When the sun shines, we’ll shine together, Told you I’ll be here forever.” To view the photos from the party CLICK HERE