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Twitter excerpts

December 22, 2010

Nothing like a bunk salesperson at Lowes to make ya say “later, we’re going to Sears.” How did two copies of Tim Dogs “F**k Compton” get mis-filed in my 80s records. Hmmm, who’s playing a joke on me? Listening to the Michael Hutchence solo album for the first time. I love me some Michael Jackson, but those producers f*cked up that album. Too much autotune & beats that aren’t MJ style. Cause one party just ain’t enough for New Years weekend. Prince vs MJ 12/31 @ Someday in Portland + Sat 1/1 @ Madrone in SF. Threat level orange at the airport. That’s usual right? I can’t get their color codes memorized. How old were you when Purple Rain came out in 1984? I was 17.

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Here’s some Facebook excerpts too:
Just organized my 80s vinyl albums alphabetically. Sorry 12″ singles – you’ll have to stay by bpm. All you recording artists that surround yourself with yes men, you need me as a friend. Cause if your song sucks – I’m gonna tell you straight up! I got too much music in my laptop, so some of y’all has got to go. Cue “when doves cry” intro guitar music. Recording artists might want to write in a section in their wills, stating if/when they pass away un-released material and un-finished song need to stay that way. Otherwise their families or record labels will f*ck up their legacy. Damn, too much perfume and cologne on this plane. WTF – no one showered this morning? Gonna watch the rest of Gattaca on my iPhone on this flight. I always liked that movie. Ethan and Uma, good match. On film at least, right.

photos from GIRLS RULE

December 20, 2010

Photos from the 12/17/10 party

GIRLS RULE this Fri in SF

December 12, 2010

DJ’s Dave Paul and Jeff Harris present their all “girl” set, spinning music only by female artists and bands fronted by women. Why? Cause dudes suck and girls rock! From Madonna and Janet Jackson to Cher and Christina Aguilera… and everyone in between. Dress like a rock star and party with the girls.

Fri., Dec. 17th @ Madrone Art Bar in San Francisco
500 Divisadero @ Fell / 9pm-1:30am / $5 / 21+


December 11, 2010

Thank you everyone that came out and support our debut of The Prince vs Michael Experience in Los Angeles. Special thanx DJ T-Rock, Corey, Ryan and the whole staff at Good Hurt. Tameir – it was good to see you, Anthony Malzone – good seeing you again and meeting Erica. Hope Prince wears those new shirts you made this month. Bob Guiney – thanx for the drinks and hope you can make the next party. You can peep a few photos I snapped during the night here.

Get the F*ck out

December 5, 2010

The Prince vs Michael Experience is so popular in San Francisco our problem isn’t getting people in the door, it’s getting them out the door. The fire marshal showed up to the 12/04/10 party and the venue had to ask for 20 volunteers to leave because the room was too packed. You know it’s a great party when that starts happening. For those who couldn’t get in, we apologize and hope you will come to the next event earlier. Peep the photos from the night.

Seattle rocks!

December 4, 2010

Photos from the 12/03/10 edition of The Prince vs Michael Experience in Seattle. It was great seeing the usual suspects and meeting new people. In my 26 year dj career I’ve never had anyone throw lingerie on stage, until last night. A woman threw a bra (and it hit me – lol) when I played P Control. Seattle, you really know how to make someone feel like a rock star. Cheers!

Perfect “hip-hop” Christmas gifts

December 1, 2010

SOLD OUT! Sorry, try back in January.

Both are limited edition posters and are $25 each (price includes shipping & handling in the US/Canada) or $30 each with international shipping anywhere in the world,

Poster Title: History of Rap
Artist: Mcleod, Kagan
Dimensions: 17.5″x30″
Specifications: Metallic blue/black ink, 100 lb paper
Front: 469 Rap Portraits
Back: Bios and recommended listening for each artist
History of Rap poster

Poster Title: Hip-Hop LP’s Poster
96 LPs covers total
Design and layout by U-Tern
Dimensions: 24″ x 37″
A perfect gift for any hip-hop fan.
Hip-Hop LP's poster