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March 30, 2011

by Dave Paul – Old throw away tracks from Michael Jackson are way better than the music coming out today. If you’re an artist or in the music biz and you haven’t posted on facebook or Twitter for over a month – you’re losing. Remember there was a time in the 90s when rap music was so slow that you couldn’t dance to it. Then all of a sudden bam, we were back to rap music more uptempo. What rap artists/groups were responsible for that… Puffy and N.E.R.D.? Someone’s gotta say it so I will. Dear Prince – please make some decent quality t-shirts that are sized appropriately. The online club ones were too small (an XL was like a medium). The new shirts the XL is correct, but the shirt is thin like tissue paper. I’m thinking of getting some new headphones for dj’ing. I’ve been using the Sony MDR-7506 for years. Any suggestions? Dear music magazines, please stop using classic album or song titles for the title of an article on a new band, that’s corny. In 3rd grade i cracked a tooth on a potato chip. I remember the staff thought I was making it up and that someone socked me. True story. AHOLA, the Prince vs Michael party is going to Hawaii! Friday, April 22nd at Next Door in Honolulu. Added three new books to my collection this week – Bill Graham presents My Life In Rock and Out, Sammy Hagar’s Red, and Poke the Box by Seth Godin.

This and That – installment 4

March 23, 2011

by Dave Paul – I was wondering when someone would do this. Have your or a loved one’s ashes pressed into a vinyl record. I’m listening to Candy-O by The Cars and looking forward to their new album, if they tour – I’m going! Someone should take the music video for Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and do a video remix with clips from Friday the 13th, just saying. There’s an interesting read in the new issue of Rolling Stone about two arms dealers, check it out. Not surprised to hear that Rihanna is having a hard time selling tickets for her tour. These artists think they are bigger than they are. If she was smart she would have booked 2,500 capacity rooms and sold it all out instead of trying to fill 18k arenas.

On this day in music history: March 22, 1986

March 23, 2011

by Jeff Harris – “What Have You Done For Me Lately” by Janet Jackson hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 2 weeks. It will also peak at #4 on the Hot 100 on May 17th. “Lately” is the first single from Janet’s third studio album “Control”. Inspired by the break up of her short lived marriage to James Debarge, it will be the last song completed for the album.

San Francisco x Chicago

March 22, 2011

by Dave Paul – This past weekend I had the opportunity to spin in two cities. On Friday night we hosted our 80s party “That 80s Show” at Madrone Art Bar in San Francisco. Party cam footage here and photos here. On Saturday night I presented The Prince and Michael Experience in Chicago at Beauty Bar. Photos here. It was a fun weekend but also an exhausting one. As always, got to meet a lot of great people while doing what I love to do. BTW – just because Doug E. Fresh used to tour with Prince does not mean I’m gonna play Do The Dougie at a Prince + Michael party. Update – the PR+MJ party returns to Beauty Bar in Chicago on June 11th.

Video + Photos from Seattle

March 14, 2011

by Dave Paul – Seattle knows how to party, no doubt about it. The 3/11/11 event was awesome. Here’s some video footage from our party cam. To view photos from the night click here. The Prince and Michael Experience will return to Nectar Lounge in Seattle on Friday, May 13th. Mark your calendars!

This and That – installment 3

March 14, 2011

by Dave Paul – Got to meet the Datarock guys Fredrik & Ketil last Thursday. Fredrik is a character. Spotted at the show – DJ Design, Monica, Jeff Jank, Bryan, Alex and a whole bunch of Norwegian girls. Okay, just peeped Portlandia for the first time last night. Yes, it really is funny. Two things I noticed at the airport while people watching – 1 a lotta women wear boots, 2 a lotta dudes wear gay ass designer jeans. I just realized that I bought the new Sade cd when it came out, and still haven’t listened to it. Condolences to Prince’s family on the passing of his brother Duane. Our SXSW secret show is so secret, we don’t even know about it.

i know what you did in Boston

March 7, 2011

by Dave Paul – I have some exciting news for everyone in the Boston area. The Prince vs Michael Experience is coming your way this summer. July 30th @ Showcase Live, tickets go on sale this Friday via Ticketmaster.

On this day in music history: March 7, 1987

March 7, 2011

by Jeff Harris – “Licensed To Ill”, the debut album by The Beastie Boys hits #1 on the Billboard Top 200 for 7 weeks. “Ill” becomes the first rap album in chart history to top the pop charts. The album will spin off several hit singles, and to date has sold over 9 million copies in the US.

Video footage from PvsM 3/5/11 in SF

March 6, 2011

by Dave Paul – Thank you to everyone that attended our 100th Prince vs Michael party last night at Madrone Art Bar in San Francisco. The response was overwhelming, much respect to those who waited in line for 30 minutes in the rain to get through the door. Here’s some video footage from the event recorded from our party cam. To view photos from the event click here. Next up, Seattle on March 11th at Nectar and Chicago on March 19th at Beauty Bar.

The Prince vs Michael Experience

March 4, 2011

The Prince vs Michael Experience is meant to celebrate the music of two of the biggest pop cultural icons of our generation. It is done with love and mutual respect for both artists.

The Prince vs Michael Experience
03/05 @ Madrone – S.F., CA – 100th PvsM party
03/11 @ Nectar Lounge – Seattle, WA
03/19 @ Beauty Bar – Chicago, IL

The Purple One. The King of Pop. Collectively, Prince and Michael Jackson helped define the early-’80s era of MTV, revolutionized both R&B and popular music, and influenced thousands of musicians worldwide. To this day they’re two of the biggest names in pop music and their songs are played every night in virtually every club around the city, state, and country.

Since November 2002 Bay Area dj’s Dave Paul and Jeff Harris have been producing The Prince vs Michael Experience. The two DJs play album cuts, rarities, remixes and all the hits of the two fabled artist’s music as well as cuts by such ancillary acts as Sheila E., The Jackson 5, The Time and Janet Jackson. The music is far from the only thing happening at this party, there’s theme dancing, a face-off between guests repping The Purple One or The King of Pop, and much, much more.

On Saturday, March 5th the party hits a major milestone – party number 100. You too can join all the diehard fans on the dance floor at Madrone and celebrate the music of Prince and Michael Jackson. The event begins at 8pm and the cover is only $5. Madrone Art Bar is located at 500 Divisadero @ Fell in San Francisco.