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PHOTOS from the Prince vs Michael parties

September 27, 2007

Thank you to everyone that came out to our September series of Prince vs Michael parties in San Francisco, Seattle and Portland. Thanx to those who were kind enough to take the time for the voting ballot. After the votes from all three cities were added up Prince won by just 22 votes over Michael, even though MJ seemed to have a slight advantage on the dancefloor. To view photos from the parties CLICK HERE


“Mighty Rap Crappers” television commercial

September 9, 2007

Here’s something funny we made in college in the late 80’s… enjoy

Top 20 Hip-Hop Cash Kings

September 7, 2007

Forbes has compiled a Top 20 list devoted exclusively to rap music entrepreneurs. These numbers are based solely on 2006 income… wow, that’s some heavy scrilla these folks are raking in! Cars, half a million dollar chains, clothing lines and sneakers – too bad the majority of the youth believe that’s hip-hop culture.

Jay-Z – $34 million
50 Cent – $32 million
Diddy – $28 million
Timbaland – $21 million
Dr. Dre – $20 million
Eminem – $18 million
Snoop Dogg – $17 million
Kanye West – $17 million
Pharrell Williams – $17 million
Scott Storch – $17 million
Ludacris – $16 million
T.I. – $16 million
OutKast – $14 million
Lil Jon – $14 million
Ice Cube – $13 million
Jermaine Dupri – $12 million
Swizz Beatz – $12 million
Chamillionaire – $11 million
The Game – $11 million
Yung Joc – $10 million

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Hip-Hop in New Zealand

September 5, 2007

While everyone is talking about how the Common album Finding Forever is all over charts and everyone’s waiting for 50 Cent – Curtis and Kanye West – Graduation, I’m digging hip-hop music from New Zealand…

My friend JC (aka Wordperfect) was in town over the weekend on his way to Germany. He was schooling me on the scene in New Zealand. Even though there are only 4 million people in NZ and the hip-hop community is small they have some pretty cool hip-hop coming out of there. Scribe is the biggest act in New Zealand, peep two of his music videos below. Other rap acts to peep are PNC, Mareko and Nikki Montana. On the non-rap tip check out Ladi6, Chong Nee, Batucuda Sound Machine and Fat Freddy’s Drop.

Scribe – FRESH

Scribe – STAND UP

How To Save The Music Industry

September 3, 2007

Looks like there’s a lot of talk about Rick Rubin being named co-head of Columbia Records. Peep the The New York Times’ Sunday Magazine article by Lynn Hirschberg. But I seriously doubt he can save the music industry. Here’s how you save the music industry – all CD’s priced at $9.99! That’s how you do it. Believe me if cd’s were ten bucks a pop people wouldn’t have a problem buying music. Same price as an album download and you get the artwork and something that sounds way better than a MP3. Especially since the quality of MP3’s are only about 10% the sound quality of what’s on a Compact Disc. When will major labels and retailers learn?!

Check out our stand alone Bomb Hip-Hop Sampler. Just click on the player above. You can listen to 14 tracks from Bomb releases. Songs from Z-Trip, Peanut Butter Wolf, Paul Nice featuring AG, DJ Babu and Gennessee, DJ Static, Ultra X featuring Big Trip, DJ JS-1 featuring L.I.F.E.Long & Immortal Technique, Azeem, J-Zone, Tommy Tee, Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf, Nac One, ’89 Skratch Gangstaz (DJ Pone & Snayk Eyez), Blackalicious and Jak Danielz.

Hip-Hop Violin

September 3, 2007

Paul Dateh on the violin and Inka One on the turntables.


September 1, 2007

For those of you that like Prince (the artist formerly known as… the symbol, then back to Prince) check out these Purple drink recipes;


Sexy MF On The Beach:
Archers, Vodka, Fresh Orange & Cranberry Juice

Day’s Of Wild:
Vodka, with Grapefruit and Cranberry Juice

Tick Tick Banger:
Vodka & Galliano with Orange Juice

Purple Pimms:
Traditionally served Pimms & Lemonade, heavy with Fruit

Sweet Baby:
Brandy, Red Wine, OJ and soda

Scarlet Pussy:
Vodka, Tomato Juice – traditionally spiced

Gold Label Tequila, Grenadine and fresh Orange

Kiss Koolade:
Vodka, Amaretto, Midorri and Cranberry Juice

Darling Nikki:
Vodka, Gin, Bacardi, Triple Sec, Tequila, lime Juice and Coke

Smirnoff Vodka, crushed ice, limes & brown sugar

Black Album:
Vodka, Tia Maria & Coke

Vodka, Triple Sec, Lime & Cranberry Juice

White Mansion:
Vodka & Tia Maria, with Milk

Poom Poom:
Vodka, Archers & Cranberry Juice

Archers, Midorri, Orange Juice,Cranberry Juice

Ice cold Vodka, shaken with Creme de cacao

Ice Cold Gin, shaken with a whisper of Dry Martini

So Blue:
Ice cold Blue Label Vodka, shaken with a whisper of Dry Martini

Glam Slammer:
Layers of Tia Maria & Baileys, with Grand Marnier float

Layers of Peach Schnapps & Baileys, topped with whipped cream

Hot Thing Remix:
Tequila, a splash of hot tabasco and a whole chilli

Hot Thing Original:
Sambuca & Tequila split by a line of tabasco

Vodka, float of Lime Cordial, float of Triple Sec , lime wedge

Dirty Mind Blower:
Vodka with a dash of Dry Martini and an olive

Vodka & Galliano, with a burst of Grenadine

Sambuca and roasted coffee beans, don’t burn your lips!

Underneath The Cream:
Layers of Sambuca & Baileys, with a drop of Grenadine

Irresistible Bitch:
Creme de Cacao & Baileys

Layers of Creme de Menthe & Baileys

Erotic City:
Layers of Midori, Malibu & creamy Baileys

Layers of butterscotch schnapps and Baileys

How much will you make touring?

September 1, 2007

This is a work in progress.

INDIE ARTISTS : Shows & Touring – how much will you make?

You have to ask yourself, “why do I want to tour and perform”? Touring is grueling – lots of time spent traveling, not a lot of sleep and so forth. It’s not all fun and games. So when you are establishing music career don’t expect parties, girls, hotel suites and lots of money at the beginning. It’s all about building up a fan base.

Tour Van

Unless a promoter happens to be a hardcore fan of your music, has money to burn, or it’s an event with sponsorships dollars (Scion, Red Bull, Puma etc.) you may not get what you think you deserve in the beginning. But it’s not about what you deserve, it’s all about what you’re worth. There are many different aspects that determine what you can be paid for a show but the main one is how many people can you draw to a show. Why should a promoter/venue book you, how many patrons/customers will your name and performance bring to the event?

Do you have a full length album or albums out with distribution throughout the states? Is the album selling? Do you have press in magazines, is your music being pushed? Do you have 10,000+ fans on Facebook or did you guest appear on anything of note? Because in the end it’s all about how many people you can draw that will determine how much you can get paid for performing at an event.

As a rule of thumb, I always like to ‘guesstimate’ how many people in San Francisco will come out to see an artist if that artist in the only performer on the bill. I use SF because I’m from the city, I’ve produced many shows in the city (successes and failures) and the city has a lot of open-minded music lovers. If with a decent amount of marketing & promotion, people don’t come out in SF for a show then they probably won’t in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles or any other cities on the West Coast. For example, if the ticket price is $10 at the door how many people would come to a venue and pay that $10 to just see you in San Francisco? If you can draw 100 paying people then “maybe” you can charge between $400-$700 and if you alone can draw 200 people paying $10 each then “maybe” you can charge between $800-$1,500. Every event and every deal is structured differently depending on the promoter/venue and the market. It could be a flat rate, guarantee versus percentage of door or just a percentage of the door.

I’ve seen many artists over the years build up their fan base by touring and releasing music on a regular basis. Most if not all of these groups lost money or didn’t make any money the first few tours but they built up a solid fan base by having a great stage show, selling their music and merch on the road, doing radio interviews and visiting retailers. Fans that they connected with the first few times would return to future shows with their friends and those new fans would buy their music & merchandise.

Please be realistic when setting your asking price and your minimum price. Be smart and don’t price yourself out of the market.

Bay Area Hip-Hop Artists on MySpace

September 1, 2007

Here’s a listing of Bay Area hip-hop artists that we’re feeling on MySpace:

Invisibl Skratch Piklz at our Bomb party in 1994