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thank you New York City

August 26, 2012

Photos from the 8/24/12 event at the Highline Ballroom.

“White, Black, Puerto Rican, everybody just a-freakin’, Good times were rolling” – Prince, Uptown

PR+MJ in Philadelphia

August 23, 2012

Is there a 5 dollar counterfeit problem in Philadelphia? Every time I paid for something with a fiver the cashier was inspecting it like I handed them a fifty. Photos from the party here.

Photos from Dewey Beach

August 19, 2012

Click here to view photos from the Dewey Beach event.

Photos & Recap from Chitown 8/11/12 gig

August 14, 2012

Chicago recap and photos : Oh lawdy, what can I say. Chitown came out if full force, get busy one time! The night started slow and I was a little worried but then a steady stream of fans just kept coming and coming through the door. Thank you Rene, Zack, Dave and the entire staff at Beauty Bar in Chicago. I’m sorry that I can’t remember all of your names but you are appreciated. Martin Kember came out and sang If I Was Your Girlfriend, Lady In My Life and Beautiful Ones. It was very enjoyable. David Miller was in the house shooting the event so look for photos coming soon. There are just way too many regulars to mention so just add your name “here.” Good to see you again. To the two guys that tipped me $5 and $20 respectfully, thank you. Chitown always seems to know how to tip dj’s. I’ll be back on September 15th and we’ll all do it again.

Seattle 6

August 12, 2012

Photos from The Prince and Michael Experience – Seattle edition, August 10th, 2012. Seattle recap : Thank you to everyone that came out to Nectar for another Seattle edition of The Prince and Michael Experience. Shouts to the entire staff and the venue – Tate, Ty, Abby, Dave, Ken and Mike. The burlesque performances by Iva Handfull and Kylie Koyote were wondeful. Thank you ladies for coming out and doing what you do, PRN and MJ style. Another highlight of the night for me was seeing Michael Henrichsen and posse re-enact the Beat It fight scene on stage while chanting U-S-A. Sorry to the people that requested Too Short and Patrick Swayze… wrong party y’all. PR+MJ will return to Nectar Lounge in Seatown on October 12th.

Let’s Get It Started!

August 8, 2012

this gets me hype

Say Hello To My Friends

August 8, 2012

Meet them at our upcoming PR+MJ parties. Special rock n roll burlesque performances by Iva Handfull as PRN and Kylie Koyote as MJ on Aug. 10th at Nectar Lounge in Seattle. Those within the burlesque circle know about these women, they are both awesome. Live vocal performance by Martin Kember on Aug. 11th at Beauty Bar in Chicago. He will be singing two Prince songs and a Michael Jackson song. Can you guess which songs he will sing? Did you know that Martin was once on Soul Train and interviewed by Don Cornelieus… I kid you not, I saw the footage. Nicos Gun will be opening up the night at The Blockley in Philadelphia on August 18th. Funky electronic dance rock… that’s how I describe them. The Maine Attraction and Dame CuchiFrita will be gracing the stage with their erotic dancing at our Aug. 24th date at Highline Ballroom in NYC. In addition Omar aka The Prince of Pop will be performing tributes to both Prince and Michael Jackson on this night.

Public Service Announcement

August 8, 2012

PSA for Venues, Promoters and DJ’s. When presenting a theme or decade party, please stick to the theme, genre or decade. Have respect for yourself and the audience. Otherwise please preface the name of your event with “kind of a” or “sort of a” or put a disclaimer on your flier or listing. Thank you. #keepingitreal