more This and That

by Dave Paul – Old throw away tracks from Michael Jackson are way better than the music coming out today. If you’re an artist or in the music biz and you haven’t posted on facebook or Twitter for over a month – you’re losing. Remember there was a time in the 90s when rap music was so slow that you couldn’t dance to it. Then all of a sudden bam, we were back to rap music more uptempo. What rap artists/groups were responsible for that… Puffy and N.E.R.D.? Someone’s gotta say it so I will. Dear Prince – please make some decent quality t-shirts that are sized appropriately. The online club ones were too small (an XL was like a medium). The new shirts the XL is correct, but the shirt is thin like tissue paper. I’m thinking of getting some new headphones for dj’ing. I’ve been using the Sony MDR-7506 for years. Any suggestions? Dear music magazines, please stop using classic album or song titles for the title of an article on a new band, that’s corny. In 3rd grade i cracked a tooth on a potato chip. I remember the staff thought I was making it up and that someone socked me. True story. AHOLA, the Prince vs Michael party is going to Hawaii! Friday, April 22nd at Next Door in Honolulu. Added three new books to my collection this week – Bill Graham presents My Life In Rock and Out, Sammy Hagar’s Red, and Poke the Box by Seth Godin.


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