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Lucid Music can best be described as “that old boom bap,” utilizing hip-hop’s bare essentials of microphones, turntables and records to create a new fresh sound. Consisting of two emcees and a deejay, the crew maintains the very vibe that caused most of us to fall in love with hip-hop in the first place. Adventures Of The Invisible Band is Lucid Music’s fourth independent release (distributed by legendary label Bomb Hip-Hop) and is a perfect example of the trio’s raw take on an art form besieged by masochistic lyrics, violent imagery and cookie cutter production. Lucid Music offers an alternative, incorporating fast paced drums and thoughtful rhymes over samples ranging from jazz to early 70’s rock. Lucid Music have toured throughout Chicago, Detroit, West Virginia and New York performing at venues such as Webster Hall and The Hard Rock Cafe. Uptempo profanity free rhymes mixed with technical displays of turntablism ensures audiences of all ages they’re in for a treat and a good time from a live performance.

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