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October 28, 2013


LPDP showed up at the house today. He had a small salad with hella pepper and then wanted to practice. He hasn’t stopped and he’s so fast I can’t even see his hands move. Beat juggling tracks from the 1999 and Thriller mini LPs. He’s getting ready for the Prince and Michael party this Saturday night, are you?


First public appearance by Le Petit Prince

June 9, 2012

“LPP at Nectar Lounge 4 his public debut at Dave Paul’s The Prince and Michael Experience! It was a blast and I hope folks dug it as much as we did. Thanks 4 the opportunity, Dave! Ow-wah!” – Troy Gua

Photos from Friday night 6/8/12. Thank you Troy Gua, Le Petit Prince, Mo J. Inc., Nectar Lounge and the city of Seattle.