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Thank you Chicago, SF and LA

March 18, 2014

Thank you Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Next up – Washington DC and New York City.

Prince and Michael Experience party dates:
03/27 @ Howard Theatre – Washington DC
03/29 @ DROM – New York City, NY
04/05 @ Madrone Art Bar – San Francisco, CA
04/11 @ Nectar Lounge – Seattle, WA
04/12 @ Dojo – Bend, OR
04/25 @ The Stache – Grand Rapids, MI
04/26 @ The Shelter – Detroit, MI
05/03 @ Madrone Art Bar – San Francisco, CA
05/10 @ Good Hurt – Los Angeles, CA
05/17 @ Beauty Bar – Chicago, IL
06/07 @ Madrone Art Bar – San Francisco, CA



March 1, 2014


tonight • Prince and MJ party • Madrone Art Bar • SF

Only as good as your last show

February 8, 2014


There’s a saying, “you’re only as good as your last show.” Well, in that case I’m doing alright

This and That

January 14, 2014

San Francisco vs Seattle weekend. Friday night 80s music at Madrone Art Bar in San Francisco and Saturday night Prince and Michael Jackson music at Nectar Lounge in Seattle. Sunday… the game.

“Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week.” – Lori Greiner. Michael Hutchence and my dog Elliot share the same birthday date – Jan 22nd. Some things are meant to be #dogsinspace. I swear Grace thinks she’s a cat instead of a dog. Cause she wants to play at 4am. I collect dj bags like some women collect purses. Did they ever think maybe cigarettes & alcohol could be the gateway drugs. I saw an event poster that at the top read “rock out with your cock out” and at the bottom of the poster “jam out with your clam out.” Gross… but it did catch my eye, funny.

On Jan 18th I’ll be back in Seattle at Nectar Lounge. Outside of my home city of SF I’ve done the most parties in Seattle. This will be my 29th time playing up there. Looking forward to seeing the usual suspects. On Jan 25th I’ll be in New York for a free admission pop up venue at South Street Seaport in Lower East Side Manhattan (6pm-midnight). The following weekend on Feb 1st we’ll be at our monthly residency in SF at Madrone Art Bar (every 1st Sat of the month). We are doing a special Masquerade Ball edition on that night with special guests Jeff Harris, GiGi Miranda and Queen Shari. Feb 15th I’ll return to Chicago for another party at Beauty Bar. It will be my 22nd event in Chicago and there’s a reason I go back there every two months… Chicago knows how to parTay! On March 14th the party returns to the Wilshire Restaurant in Santa Monica. Shooting for another sellout night in Southern Cali with Silent Frisco like last time. Whichever area you are in or near, I hope to see you soon. Good music + good people = GOOD FUN.

I’m tired of people claiming that Prince and Michael Jackson didn’t like each other. Really, show me the proof? Over the years they had gone roller skating, played basketball and ping pong. The media created the whole versus thing. “And the media couldn’t get enough of pitting these guys against each other.” – Alan Leeds. “I take credit for that [laughs]. Right On! was a fan magazine, so I could get away with some of the things that I did. Michael and Prince were not actually battling each other on a serious level.” – Cynthia Horner. Prince has also been performing a cover of Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough in concert since Michael passed. Sure, they probably weren’t best friends but unless someone heard it direct from Prince or Michael Jackson’s mouth people shouldn’t assume anything.

March 1st. The Wire trivia game with Tamara Palmer and Dave Paul at Madrone Art Bar. 6-8pm, free, 21+. Sheeeeeeit #Bubbles #Bunk #StringerBell #OmarsComing.

upcoming party dates

January 3, 2014



December 18, 2013

Chicago friends – I’m looking forward to the Prince and MJ party this Saturday night at Beauty Bar. I’ve been coming out to Chicago now for 3 years to party with y’all and it’s exciting that my 21st time in Chicago will be on Dec 21st. For this special edition I’m flying in DJ Marco from Philadelphia to deejay with me, he is a diehard Prince and Michael Jackson fan just like me. In addition our good friend Martin Kember, who is now a member of Color Me Badd, will drop by to sing a few Prince songs for us live. It will be great to see all your faces and if you have a moment please share the event with your friends.

this Fri 11/15 in LA

November 14, 2013


I’ll be spinning Prince and Michael Jackson music this Friday night 11/15 at Wilshire Restaurant in Santa Monica.

Prince and Michael Jackson Experience

November 8, 2013

The Prince and Michael Experience


October 28, 2013


LPDP showed up at the house today. He had a small salad with hella pepper and then wanted to practice. He hasn’t stopped and he’s so fast I can’t even see his hands move. Beat juggling tracks from the 1999 and Thriller mini LPs. He’s getting ready for the Prince and Michael party this Saturday night, are you?

Gotta Play To Win

October 27, 2013


I will never get duped like Deadmau5, song request offer for $200k to play Living On A Prayer and the dude didn’t pay. Money first, cash only. Plus, did he really think someone was actually gonna pay him 200,000 dollars to play a Bon Jovi song – lol. Even rich people aren’t that crazy. The Prince and Michael Experience – Nov 2nd in San Francisco at Madrone Art Bar. It’s like Mardi Gras, Halloween, NYE and Las Vegas all rolled into one. The annoying thing about Le Petit Dave Paul is he only talks using lyrics from Prince and Michael Jackson songs, and he can’t be re-programmed. After I grabbed my mail yesterday he said – “Is the mailman jerking u round? Did he put your million dollar check, In someone elses box?” Listening to the new Gary Numan album, so far much better than the new Depeche Mode album. After this the new Pet Shop Boys album. “If I have a cupcake and I give it to you, I don’t have a cupcake any more. But if someone who is angry gives you their anger, now you both might have it.” – Seth Godin. I just renamed my Wifi network “FBI Van” – lol. My neighbors are gonna trip out. Whenever I hear Tenderness by General Public I think, that could have been a David Bowie song. The cool thing about being able to test a remix in da club is you can make adjustments to it later to improve it for the next party. Since the Chicago party I’ve made some adjustments to my NOW (Gold Edit) and will test it again on Nov 2nd at Madrone. Haters are the same people that are waiters… keep waiting.