Back In Black


Sorry for not posting in a while. Honestly I’m all over Facebook so you can always keep up with me and our events on there. But just in case you do read this here’s a recap from the last month.

Thank you New York and B.B. King Blues Club. Sold out before the doors opened. We will be back in NYC on October 10th.

I’ve always been a fan of Michael Jackson and Prince music. But in my late teens and early 20’s I was a FAN of Prince music. Collecting all the imports, buttons, boot cassettes, posters, magazines etc. I used to catch a lot of flack for being a diehard Prince fan. I was called a N lover and a f*g by more than a few people. I’ve always collected records and have been DJing since the age of 17. A lot of people told me over the years I should get a real job. I took that hobby and that passion for the music of those two artists and now I travel the country playing that music and meeting other like minded fans. We were the oddballs, weirdos, geeks and music nerds. But now there’s a whole lot of us. Some say I’m lucky. And I am lucky to live this lifestyle. But it wasn’t luck. It was hard work, countless hours… and making a lot of sacrifices. I thank all my friends and casual acquaintances that have supported me. ‪#‎selfemployed‬‪#‎musicnerd‬ ‪#‎djlife‬ ‪#‎findyourtribe‬

Every time I play Let’s Go Crazy by Prince at an event it’s for Paul D McSween (rip). I had known Paul since 6th grade and he was always one of my biggest supporters. When people were telling me to get a regular job he always told me keep doing what I was doing. Paul passed away in 2008 and never got to see what the PR+MJ parties have become. He would have loved it. My friend, you are not forgotten.

Some people believe if they work hard enough and believe in themselves they’ll make it. The thing is you need to have others believe in you… and that “fake it til you make it” is bullsh*t. Everyone can see through that. ‪#‎keepitreal‬

In San Francisco you know what happens when someone loses their job at a startup? They start driving for Uber.

Two things I noticed while reading Pollstar. Def Leppard still sells out shows. And there’s a band named Diarrhea Planet.

People flashing photos of their cash on the net need to stop. We all know that’s just your rent money before you go get money orders.

It was a light crowd, but the right crowd in Oakland. Thank you to all the East Bay Prince and Michael Jackson fans, the city of Oakland, the entire staff at XOXO and East Bay Loop. The night before Mothers Day can always be a tricky date for an event. To all the Mothers out there, we salute you. Dear Oakland, I plan to be back. I’ll bring more friends and you bring more friends and we’ll build this.

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