I Don’t Role With Cliques


I don’t role with cliques or d*cks, my posse is full of chicks. Your results from the Hospital just came in. Tests show you need more Funk in your life. Meeting Andre Cymone and his wife Katherine face to face = priceless. I’ll be honest. I hate flooding Facebook with my event fliers and listings. I know it annoys some people. But if I don’t the venue will be empty and I won’t make any money, won’t get re-booked… or both. So please excuse my excessive postings, but this is my career and how I survive. Thank you and hope to see you at an event or anywhere else we may bump into each other. In the way that MJ fans bring it to a party (fashion and passion) in New York, Prince fans bring it in San Francisco. Last night, oh lawd, it was brought! Once all the photos and video footage leaks you’ll understand. It was a beautiful night. Thank you friends and fans. Midnight Star had some good songs, just saying. There was live semi nude body painting at the Bend event. One woman got painted as PRN and woman got painted as MJ. It really is true, you never know what’s gonna happen at a PR+MJ party. That Shout At The Devil album by Motley Crue still kicks *ss. If you been deejaying for a decade and you can’t beatmix… you need to go back to step #1. F*ck water resistant, I need a watch with a gawt damn light so I can see the time in da club. Companies making dj style watches, put a light in it! Brass In Pocket by the Pretenders is such a good song. Pinball Wizard by The Who, yeah… I used to freestyle skateboard to this song. Rappers betta buy some lasers, the game done changed. The best quote today from someone who was at the Seattle party and I didn’t even know they were there – “I slipped in by myself, did my thing, slipped out.” I’m glad I don’t watch Scandal cause everyone on FB be spoiling. Record release parties – lol, the 90s are over. The new single The Breakdown by Prince is available on iTunes.


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