It’s Like That


If you don’t have photos on your FB page or we don’t have a few friends of substance in common… your friend request is getting ignored. I believe the first 12″ rap singles I owned were Reckless by Ice T and Electric Kingdom by Twilight 22, but when I traded some rock records with a kid for the first Run DMC abum, it changed my life. Thank you Run, DMC and Jam Master Jay (R.I.P.). Having dinner with Matt Fink was nice, seeing my old friend Sam Craig and talking biz was good, but scoring an original Debbie Gibson tour book – fantastic! Laine’s turntable dress that she wore in Chicago was the bomb. If you’re a creative person, artist or self employed make sure you’re doing what you truly love. Otherwise the grind will wear you down. I have to say the great thing about what I do is no matter how tired I get, I can wake up the next day and be back in love. Way back in the day you were just a dj but nowadays you have to be a dj and promoter. The good thing about being a promoter is I keep booking myself. Great to see Peanut Butter Wolf. The documentary is amazing (Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton). Sheila E. has a new song out, Mona Lisa (feat. Lucia Parker & Gisa Vatcky). Both Andre Cymone and Neneh Cherry have new albums out. Note to party goers: when the venue closes at 1:45am, 1:40am is not the time to make a song request. While everyone is watching the Oscars, I’m listening to Breakers Revenge. “When someone gives you gentle feedback, it’s because they want to connect, not because they want to help you finish burning down the bridge you ignited in the first place. They don’t want an excuse, a clever comeback or a recitation that you’re just doing your job.” – Seth Godin. Rappers and DJs need to stop with that “played alongside” and “shared the stage with” in their bios. Unless you were actually on stage at the same time performing a song together. Plays, listens, views, likes etc., those numbers are all smoke & mirrors. The only two numbers that count are: 1 – not how many units you shipped but how many units you get paid on. 2 – how many people buy tickets to your show. For our Prince and Michael Experience on May 10th at Good Hurt Nightclub Andre Cymone and his band will perform music from his new album The Stone. I’ve been really into Talking Heads lately. Gonna have to get a lot more music from them for my collection. It’s kinda funny. I always thought of hip-hop as my roots in the music biz. But a year or two ago I was speaking with Dan the Automator and he asked what I’d been up to and I told him about my Prince and MJ parties. He said “I see you went back to your roots.” It took me a minute to get it but I realized he remembered my room from back in the day where I had Prince records and posters all over the walls. It was meant to be. New office chair… my *ss feels like it’s sitting on a million bucks now. Party update for friends and fans is WASHINGTON DC : Due to circumstances beyond my control the venue has moved the event from the 28th to Thursday, March 27th. If Facebook and Amazon joined forces it would be crazy. Anything that your friends post about that you like you just click to add it to your cart. Three things that impressed me this last month: Uber car service, Hollywood Reporter magazine, UDG Creator dj stand.


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