Pharell Hat


You can watch people on Facebook and Twitter and after a while know a lot about their character. When fashion designers launch record labels I laugh. In fact anyone launching a company in this day and age and they call it a record label… they’re already 20 years behind. Billboard still puts Boxscore Concert Grosses at the back of the magazine. Kinda like Guitar Center still having deejay equipment in the back of their catalog. While in Costo I went to grab a case of the Mexican Coke but stopped myself. Gotta stay strong on this battle with soda. Listening to the whole Sheila E. album Icon. I didn’t know it was released in the UK in November. It sounds great. It’s not about how many albums you ship, it’s about how many units don’t get returned. That movie Paranormal Activity was made for $15,000 and grossed $193,000,000. Wow! Good lawd, LA came out in full force force… like Full Force get busy one time! Thank you all for the the support. Cheers to Robbie and Silent Frisco for having me. I will be back in LA on May 10th for an old fashion speakers in yo face Prince and MJ party at Good Hurt Nightclub featuring a live performance by Andre Cymone and his band. When bands have crappy t-shirts and the bootleggers have better designs… go back to the drawing board. I just ordered tickets to my DC and NYC events. Some might say I’m nuts but if I can’t support myself I can’t expect anyone else to either. everyone wants to be a concert promoter til they lose money. I feel really sorry for these people profiled American Greed that have been scammed. But good lawd, don’t give your entire live savings to anyone. Is a photo with more than one person in it actually a “selfie?” I’m getting confused. Bad photo is called an oopsie, someone needs to bust out an old Troop jacket for a troopsie. Folerio… that is all you need to know.


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