My 2013 Favs

With only a couple of days left in the year I’ll stand by my previous comment – for me, best album of 2013 is Tetra by C2C. Best comeback album between Adam Ant, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode and Gary Numan goes to Pet Shop Boys. Best website – Facebook, I check it before I even check my email nowadays. Favorite artist of the year goes to Troy Gua. Favorite online store – Amazon. Most inspiring blogger – Seth Godin. Best performing stock for me – CRI (Carters) up over 180%, people are always gonna buy baby clothes right? Best bar in San Francisco – Madrone Art Bar hands down… entertainment, great drinks and art. If I didn’t play music there, I’d still go there. Favorite magazine – a tie between Entrepreneur and Pollstar. Favorite two house tracks that I was turned onto by people in 2013: Want You In My Soul feat. Stee Downes (thanx Alida) and It’s Time for The Perculator (thanx Travis). Have a happy and safe NYE everyone. Here’s to 2014… CHEERS!!!


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