Gotta Play To Win


I will never get duped like Deadmau5, song request offer for $200k to play Living On A Prayer and the dude didn’t pay. Money first, cash only. Plus, did he really think someone was actually gonna pay him 200,000 dollars to play a Bon Jovi song – lol. Even rich people aren’t that crazy. The Prince and Michael Experience – Nov 2nd in San Francisco at Madrone Art Bar. It’s like Mardi Gras, Halloween, NYE and Las Vegas all rolled into one. The annoying thing about Le Petit Dave Paul is he only talks using lyrics from Prince and Michael Jackson songs, and he can’t be re-programmed. After I grabbed my mail yesterday he said – “Is the mailman jerking u round? Did he put your million dollar check, In someone elses box?” Listening to the new Gary Numan album, so far much better than the new Depeche Mode album. After this the new Pet Shop Boys album. “If I have a cupcake and I give it to you, I don’t have a cupcake any more. But if someone who is angry gives you their anger, now you both might have it.” – Seth Godin. I just renamed my Wifi network “FBI Van” – lol. My neighbors are gonna trip out. Whenever I hear Tenderness by General Public I think, that could have been a David Bowie song. The cool thing about being able to test a remix in da club is you can make adjustments to it later to improve it for the next party. Since the Chicago party I’ve made some adjustments to my NOW (Gold Edit) and will test it again on Nov 2nd at Madrone. Haters are the same people that are waiters… keep waiting.


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