cause I got sh*t to say


Hey, I just remembered there was a birthday girl at the party in Chicago with the last name Pussymagnet. Somehow I have to believe that wasn’t really her last name. But it sure was a blast announcing it on the mic. Instead of crank calling it’s crank bday requests??? “Perfect doesn’t mean flawless. Perfect means it does exactly what I need it to do… Stop polishing and ship instead. Polished perfect isn’t better than perfect, it’s merely shinier. And late.” – Seth Godin. The 12 steps to starting a record label in 2013. Step #1 – don’t do it. Some deejays need to wake up and smell the acetates. Vinyl is great but putting down DJ’s that use Serato or other types of platforms to perform is ridiculous. I don’t care if you use vinyl, cd, cassette or an iPod to play music. You’re either good or not. Afrika Bambattaa, Jazzy Jeff, Z-Trip, Craze and many other deejays use Serato/Traktor on the road. Sure, if you’re doing a pre-planned one hour set you can bring vinyl on the road but if you’re doing a full night good luck hauling 2-4 cases of records around the world. Let’s face it, most of the complainers have never played outside of their hometown and have never been on the road. You might as well ride a horse to your next gig, why you riding in a car? Nothing stays the same, you have to be able to adapt. I love my vinyl collection. I have my office, garage and a storage unit full of records. Those close to me know how large my collection is. I will always buy records, but I’m not hauling them to gigs anymore. If you want to and have the means to, I’m happy for you… but don’t try to diss people that don’t. It shows your ignorance. So I walk into the bank and “I Want You Back” is playing. That song is following me everywhere. Either that or when people see me coming they cue it up. “After Phillips and Jackson signed the paper, the two embraced and the group celebrated with champagne, the executive testified.” – who supplied the champagne should be a question. Okay, I can’t front. I wanted to hate… but this Bob Marley Legend: Remixed album is pretty good. “It takes a long time to get your breakthrough moment. And when you get your opportunity, you’ve got to kill.” – Bob Lefsetz. Dear rappers, if you “leak” your own song it’s not a leak, you’re just putting it out there on the net to try to create a buzz. So the other day I listened to that 911 call that was placed when Paris Jackson had her incident. What I want to know is who made the call and who was the 911 operator? Cause they both sound stupid, stoned… or both. This is still on my mind and bugging me. I guess now everyone and their mother can write press articles. All y’all doing is cutting and pasting other peoples work cause I can trace back all the mistakes that get copied into your work. Don’t think we’re not watching you. When I was in high school I was in JROTC and in PAL Law Enforcement. From that I learned that there was no way I was joining the military or police force… it wasn’t for me. But many great lessons I learned from both have stayed with me over the years and have helped me in life. If you don’t like animals and/or don’t listen to music… I probably don’t trust you. Kate Beckinsale is bad ass in the Total Recall remake. If you just run an acapella over the instrumental of another song that’s not a mashup, it’s a blend.


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