This and That


Here’s a joke for you. David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen walk into a bar together… wait. Just realized the soundtrack to Batman Forever was pretty dope. My favorite magazines back in the day were The Source and Rolling Stone, now it’s Billboard and Pollstar. TV commercials trying to sell you something based on fear is f’ed up. I guess weak minded individuals fall for it. To the girl at RED last week. When you see a dj spinning records and they have a laptop, they are usually using Serato or Traktor to control their mp3s like records. They can not go online and play a song from Youtube. It doesn’t work that way. Facility Charge $2.50 + Convenience Charge $5.85 + Order Processing Fee $3.25 = i hate ticket fees. So Irving Azoff resigned as chairman of Live Nation and part of the reason is to avoid paying the higher tax rate on the money in 2013. No comment. Am I the only one that thinks George Michael could pull off the vocals perfectly for a cover of By My Side by INXS? According to articles when I deejay I should be dancing, making hearts with my hands, fist pumping, hand clapping and other antics to “connect with the crowd.” WTF are you even watching me for? YOU should be busy dancing. The music connects us all.


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