When surrounded by pirates… have two beers

That’s $30 worth of beer there. And I was worried about the highwaymen and pirates robbing me at the Adam Ant concert – ha!

I enjoyed the Adam Ant concert on the 18th, it was good to see Stuart back on the stage. But being in the biz you are always analysing an event. Let’s talk about the music first. Having two drummers was cool and they were definitely busy all night, but without horns some of the songs didn’t sound right. Stuart sounded great on Wonderful and I was happy he sang that song. The sound at the Regency, let’s just say it sounded much better when it was a movie theater and I saw Raiders of The Lost Ark there. Concerts at the Regency just never sound right to me. The show was sold out, but I kept thinking, “hey, I could fit 300 more people in here.” Tall cup of beer – $15. Vegas/NY prices right there, and even in Vegas or NY it’s not that expensive. I’m sure they must have it down to a science – still make bank from bar sales without dealing with super drunk people. Merch – one guy, one credit card machine – and everyone was paying with credit cards which made it take forever. I was the only one that busted out with cash. The line for merch was too long and I’m sure they missed out on some money there.



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