To all the “new” DJ’s out there. If it was just about playing music it would be so easy. The trick is you have to also be a booking agent, travel agent, marketing wiz, promoter, and host. You’ll see. I grew up on rock, new wave, soul, freestyle, dance and rap music. Thank gawd I grew up when I did. There are some shady @ss mutha f**kas featured on American Greed. “Gawt damn they ruthless.” How come the police never slam them down on the concrete and put a foot on their neck. I can’t believe it, the trailer for Taken 2 actually makes it look good. Hmmm. Stop the presses, someone is in line to take over Elektra? I didn’t even know that label was still around. Majors lost years ago, they just don’t know it yet. Why do singers that can sing use autotune? Please stop. Don’t be lazy in the studio. Do fifty takes if you have to. I’ve learned a lot over 28 years of dj’ing. I’m still learning. The great thing about music, is there is so much good music in the world to experience, you can’t hear it all in a lifetime. Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram… gawd, how many places ya gotta promote an event? The answer – everywhere and anywhere! Any rapper that has a “S” in their name and they write it out with a “$” y’all betta be making cash. I’m a VIP, Very Into Prince. That breathing on Kraftwerk’s Tour de France still creeps me out to this day. This has nothing to do with anything in my life right now. It’s just something I have noticed on social media lately (Facebook and Twitter). Some people write rude stuff about other people, I guess thinking they won’t find out or think they can get away with stuff online. This isn’t like the old message boards & forums where no one knew who you were because you hid behind a fake name. So keep in mind, some people don’t forget and some people get even – sometimes without you even knowing it. When I was a child I cracked a tooth eating a potato chip. True story. The school thought I had been in a fight and didn’t believe me. To top it off the dentist pulled only half the tooth and I had to go back the next day cause the dork missed the other half. Just like you gotta let a ho be a ho, you gotta let a hater hate. It’s just who they are. Dear Apple, if you made your own printers again that easily connected/talked with your Macs, iPads and iPhones you would sell tons. Okay, I’m not gonna diss other artists, but this new ZZ Top album just f*cked all of you artists with LP’s up with the first 3 songs. Y’all all betta call Rick Rubin. There is no party without party people. Some dj’s need to check their ego’s. Maybe some people are there to see you but people go out to drink, dance, meet members of the opposite sex (or whoever they’re into), forget their troubles and have fun. To anyone and everyone that has attended one of our events, thank you. Without you, there is no us. I just learned something. If someone has 5 out of 5 stars on Yelp. Don’t trust it. You can’t be that good and not have at least one hater. Reading Pollstar is eye opening. Artists who you think are doing well on the road are only filling venues 50% and bands I’ve never heard of are selling out shows. If record sales are dead and touring is the way to go, then Pollstar is the new Billboard. Thanx Forbes for the free issue of Forbes Life. It’s kinda like they’re teasing you though – here’s all the sh*t you can’t afford. I actually watched a little bit of The Voice the other night. I get it. They’re not selling you on music or the competition… they’re selling dreams and selling you the hope of dreams. Now I understand why people get hooked on the show.


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