Just cause u can, doesn’t mean u should

by Dave Paul – DJ’s and producers, please stop ruining songs with your awful house remixes. Watered down lame homemade house beats and an acapella do not make for a good remix. Can somebody say “quality control.” Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. All you want to hear is how great your remix is from your Facebook friends after you post it on soundcloud and youtube. If they were a true friend, they would tell you to take that crap off the net cause it sucks and you’re embarrassing yourself. And these people claiming they played it in the club and everyone went wild – don’t know what venue you’re spinning at but it must be one of those wack places that has a dress code, and it’s just 21 year old hipsters ordering bottle service and doing coke. Cause in a true nightclub with real dancers the floor would clear. Thank you, this has been a producers service announcement.


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