This and That 2

Was just watching The Social Network and I think they messed up – they showed a dj using Serato in 2003. Serato Scratch Live didn’t debut until May of 2004. I guess since it was a “tech” movie they threw that in instead of a dj using records or, cough… cd’s. This coming Saturday we will hit a major milestone – our 100th Prince vs Michael Jackson party. Madrone Art Bar – 500 Divisadero @ Fell in San Francisco. Come celebrate with The Purple One and The King of Pop. If you’ve never been, it should be on your SF Bucket list. We don’t do podcasts, we do partycasts. Live from the club this Sat night via our partycam. While digging books outta boxes, I found my The Red Balloon book from when I was a kid – cool. Other than being in a car I just don’t understand how or why people listen to the radio. Maybe it’s just me. Guess it’s the djay in me, i gotta pick the music. Speaking of cars, The Cars are back. Peep their new song Blue Tip. Their new album Move Like This comes out May 10th. If You like Hall & Oates, you gotta check out Live From Daryl’s House.


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