Return of the DJ – Volume 6

Production on the sixth volume of Return of the DJ is complete. The album will be released on November 24th, 2009. For info on pre-ordering the cd and a free track from the forthcoming album click here.

01. Business As Usual – Dr. Jones
02. Transmittin’ – DJ JS-1
03. The Dude – Patch Lunch
04. Cheese Cuttin’ – DJ Itchy Ron
05. HOTSIVO – 3FX Crew
06. Half Cut – Blendoffendaz
07. Hypnosis – DJ Wicked
08. Damn, The Beat – DJ T-Rock
09. The Ultimate – DJ Agent 86
10. Knucklehead DJ’s – DJ Irie


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One Response to “Return of the DJ – Volume 6”

  1. Pat Says:

    funnily enough i was just wondering today if there’s ever gonna be a 6th installment to the series and what do i read here, the deadline is tomorrow. how awesome. any rough ideas for a release date? february 2009 or something like that? maybe a little later?

    really looking forward to hearing some nu shit.


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