A Spanish court has sentenced Adrián Gómez Llorente to six months in jail for operating the illegal file-sharing Web site infopsp. He was also fined €4,900 euros ($6,496) for violating intellectual property laws by obtaining economic benefits via his site. The profit motive was from advertising that appeared on the site. The ruling showed that in addition to making money out of the advertising on his site, Gómez also earned income from mobile phone SMS Premium messages.

A Swedish court has found four men behind Pirate Bay guilty of assisting in making copyrighted material available and sentenced each of them to a year in jail. They were also ordered to pay damages of 30 million kronor ($3.54 million) to the film and music industries by Stockholm district court. The court found the defendants guilty of making 33 specific files accessible for illegal P2P file-sharing. It ordered that damages must be paid to companies including all the majors and film studios MGM and 20th Century Fox. Word has it that Pirate Bay produced annual earnings of around 10 million kronor ($1.2 million) from advertising on the site.

Here’s 10 free legal mp3’s from Bomb Hip-Hop that you can listen to or download.


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