why do most Rap Managers suck?!

I have to say after being in the hip-hop biz for over 20 years the one thing that drives me nuts is artist managers. Most rap managers suck. At least 75% of them are stupid and clowns. They hurt the artist more than help them and the artist doesn’t even realize it.


One Response to “why do most Rap Managers suck?!”

  1. Rap Hip Hop Reggae and R&B Remix Contest Says:

    Often times it has to do with the music industry itself. Managers and artist alike tend to have their guard up when dealing with people because everyone seems to expect that their artist should be happy just to get “exposure” and they build up this wall and become assholes because of it lol… nah I’m kidding, I have no clue why you have experienced this maybe cuz these artist always hire their best friend from around the way as their manager as a way to give back and the person has no clue as to what they are doing? lol, just a theory.

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