The day the Secret Service visited me

secret service

for those who don’t know the story

On Wednesday, October 22nd 2003 while preparing for the start of the “Return of the DJ Tour” an agent from the United States Secret Service visited my home address. I was not home at the time and he left his card. When I called him he told me that claimed that I made threats against George W. Bush while on the phone with them checking on my flights. I assured San Francisco field agent William Killgallon that I made no such threats. When I asked what was claiming that I said he would not say. He then took some info such as my age, weight, height, birthdate, social security number (which I didn’t give – never give out your ssn) and if I owned a firearm.

The agent then mentioned that claimed they had a tape of the conversation. I told them to get a copy of the tape (the government can afford overnight Fedex, no?) and call me back because I didn’t say anything about the president or anything like that. I figured cheaptickets red flagged me because of my company name and that I booked 4 flights to Oklahoma City. About a couple of hours later agent Killgallon called me back and said that him and another agent wanted to come out an interview me in person. I was in a rush getting ready for the tour and the show that night in San Francisco and explained that I really didn’t have time for this nonsense. He explained that there concern was that I was getting on a plane that next day and that they had to do this. So I agreed for them to come interview me in 30 minutes. I made sure I was outside when they arrived cause I didn’t really want them snooping around my place as this all seemed very suspicious to me. They arrived and we all checked each others identification (DJ T-Rock was there and witnessed everything). I showed them one of my business credit cards to prove that I had a business called “Bomb Hip-Hop Records”, showed them a CD, a flyer for the S.F. show (even invited them down but they didn’t seem like they were into hip-hop) and the tour itinerary. They asked for a copy of the itinerary and I gave them one since I had nothing to hide.

They asked why cheaptickets would claimed that I said something against George W. Bush and I explained that I did not and if cheaptickets provided the tape they would see that I didn’t. They still did not tell me what cheaptickets claimed I said. They then asked me the name of who I spoke to at which I didn’t know. I was just calling to get the total amount charged to me since it wasn’t on the email. Wouldn’t cheaptickets know this if they were making these claims? They then asked to come into my place and check my room to make sure there were not any “targets of George W. Bush on my wall with targets drawn on them.” I hesitated for a brief second but then figured why not, all they are gonna see is graffiti photos on my wall and records. Note – one agent had a big USA pin on his tie… I bet it was a camera taking photos of my room.

Here are some tips for the Secret Service. A terrorists wouldn’t be so dumb to actually have a business with the word “Bomb” in it… would they? Bomb Hip-Hop has been in business since 1991, I’ve always paid my taxes, and the tour information is posted on the official Bomb website – they have internet access at the Department of the Treasury don’t they? So was it really cheaptickets claiming that I made a threat, I doubt it. I think it was just a lame lie by our government so the Secret Service could investigate me? Most likely the latter. Apparently I’m now on “the list”.


One Response to “The day the Secret Service visited me”

  1. BYL Says:

    damn man…. that is a shady story. if something like that happend to me especially if i was a respected business owner id be offended. it seems like you should be able to know what cheaptickets said about you. and it also seems like that if they proved you werent a threat then they shouldnt have put you on any sort of list. if my name was on some sort of government list and i hadnt done anything id be terrified. those agents were wastin their time with crap like this they could be out doing stuff that is of help tot he country instead of interviewing the owner of Bomb Hip Hop Records because of “terrorist threats”


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